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In 2021, GoodCompany turns 21 years old. Launched in 2000 as Australia's first Skilled Volunteering Platform, GoodCompany continues it's journey of connect those who can give with those in need and giving solutions that delight companies and charities alike. Today, GoodCompany has expanded from Skilled and Team Volunteering into Payroll Giving, Workplace Giving, Corporate Giving, Social Philanthropy, Charity Gift Cards and a host of Workplace Giving Solutions – check out our journey below and we hope you join us on our future for doing good!


Founded in 2000, GoodCompany was Australia’s first Skilled Volunteer portal. In 2007, GoodCompany merged with the Karma Currency Foundation, to become a hybrid Social Enterprise and Technology Company that embraces both a non-profit Public Ancillary Fund (PAF) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status and ‘for purpose’ structures to create greater social outcomes for everybody. Today, GoodCompany is the Australian and New Zealand leader in Workplace Giving Solutions and Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy solutions with Fundraising, Volunteering and Workplace Giving solutions and payroll giving facilitation. We offer charity gift cards, charity gift registrations, online giving, matching, volunteering and skilled volunteering to drive your Company’s employee engagement and to drive more donors and fundraising for our Charity partners. Our Team is here to make your team successful and with all of our combined years of practice and experience in the Charity sector, GoodCompany’s SaaS platform, web development and innovative technology have built a new workplace giving platform for Giving Solutions that will benefit corporates, charities and the individual. GoodCompany has grown more than 70,000 donors, raised more than $15,000,000 in donations and has over 1,800 Charities to choose from with over 17,000 hours volunteered. That’s pretty good going….So don’t be shy – read about our skills below, and feel good about taking that first step to meet us, get to know us and see what we can do for your business today so that you can do good!



“GoodCompany have a fabulous team that makes it easier for us to harness the goodness of our people”

Anita Russell , General Manager Flight
Centre Foundation.

“Using this service has allowed the Optus people greater choice of where they would like their donations of time & money to be directed. Giving is personal, & the choices available on the platform makes it easy for everyone to find something they are passionate about to support”

Helen Maisano , Corporate & Social
Responsibility, Optus.

“Since we have partnered with GoodCompany, there has been an increase of skilled volunteering at ANZ. The central depository of skilled voluntering opportunities on the site has made the searching & application process simpler & faster for our staff”

Janet Liu , ANZ Corporate Responsibility

“We were dealing directly with the beneficiaries which made this immersive & interesting. It was easy to fit in to a busy work schedule”

Testimonial – Volunteer #134



At GoodCompany, you can see our journey has all been about Workplace Giving and Workplace donations and making this easy for Companies to help a charity with so many options on our Workplace Giving Platform. We offer Corporate Philanthropy, Workplace Giving, Payroll Giving, Corporate Charitable donations and Fundraising all on the one, easy Workplace Giving Platform with a multitude of workplace giving programs and solutions, tailored just for you and your company. We love working with Individuals, Companies and all of our Charity partners and have built a reputable network of partners who we are proud to say are our extended family in doing good in Australia and New Zealand. We enable Charities to load many volunteer opportunities and in turn we enable Corporate Giving and Corporate Philanthropy from our Corporate partners all on the one easy workplace giving platform. You can set up fundraising or simply raise money for the charity of your choice with over 1,800 charities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth as well as many others nationally across Australia to choose from. We also enable workplace giving and workplace donations, making it easy on the one platform so it allows your team to focus on the bigger, fun things, like setting up Charity and Fundraising events, raising money, donating time, donating goods, fundraising and volunteering and building company culture whilst doing it! You can find out more by clicking on any of the tabs above to discover more about Workplace Giving programs on our Workplace Giving Platform.