GoodCompany Ambassadors


Do you want to make a positive impact in this world? Do you inspire others to give back and do good? Do you believe that business can and should be a Force for Good?

Then you might have the right stuff to be a GoodCompany Ambassador.

We’re looking for the champions that wish to inspire more volunteering, more donating, more fundraising & doing more good; for their communities, their people and the planet!

Not only will you connect with likeminded heroes, we will also give you the tools to make a difference.

So check out some of the Ambassadors who have joined and if you’re interested in joining, please fill in the form below. Entries close March 30th.

Daniel Murray
Speaker | Leadership Trainer | Strategic Advisor | Driving Performance through people, leadership & empathy
We are all connected. Sometimes we need help, sometimes others need our help. When we stop giving in good times we stop helping someone else in their time of need.
Rebecca van Roevan
Wellbeing Coordinator at Medibank
I think its really important to give back. Its important to have passion, and show passion to the things that inspire you.
Jayson Bricknell
Financial Services Executive | Director | Consultant | Pro Bono Advocate | Social Enterprise Supporter
As humans it’s about care for others and support
Isobel Fraser
Collaborator, Connector & Coordinator @ Optus | StandbyU Foundation Ambassador (she/her)
Titles or money don't matter. It is about who your are on the inside.
Nolwazi Dladla
Social Impact Manager. Program Management Professional, Community Engagement Leader, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Leader, Change Maker.
The universe is to be shared in harmony. We get what we give out. If we give out care, peace, faithfulness and empathy then that's what the universe will also give to you, especially when you need it most.
Corri Bryne
Connecting Corporate and Community | Social Impact Manager, Group Sustainability OPTUS
YOLO - you only live once - so let's live it to the full and help others do the same
Amanda Mandie OAM
Executive Director, Koala Kids Foundation
Not everyone can donate time, money, advice, wisdom and experience to the same degree - but everyone can potentially donate time, money, advice, wisdom OR experience. And if they did the world would be a better place!
Jey Srikantha
CEO GetSignature - Patent pending secure eSign
Our life was given to us by the universe and I care about this universe.
Katrina Brooks
Social Sustainability Manager
We all get more from giving than from receiving. If we could harness the power of people wanting to do more and translate that into action, we could change the world.
Pauline Kanhalikham
Origin Energy Foundation
Helping others gives purpose to many things in life.
Pip Windsor
Commercial Thinker + Leadership + Consultant + Sales Strategist
Helping others is the most rewarding experience you can give and many times it is not monetry
Ashley Edge
Relationship Manager
Am passionate about connecting companies with the not-for-profit sector across NZ
GoodCompany Ambassador program