What are the HR benefits of launching a giving program including donating, volunteering and fundraising?

By connecting employees to charities through a meaningful and measurable community giving program, companies foster a culture that inspires philanthropic passion. One of purpose and community; the secret ingredients that better engage people. And we all know that engaged staff are happier and more productive. They create high performing teams, an irresistible culture and deliver better business results. Some of the key HR benefits include attraction, engagement, retention and wellbeing

What’s the benefit of investing in a unified giving platform like GoodCompany?

GoodCompany is a unified giving platform that makes it simple for your staff to participate in workplace giving, credit card donations, fundraising as well as skilled and general volunteering. In addition, GoodCompany has a range of tools to reward, incentivise and communicate with staff to better engage them in giving and enhance program success.

GoodCompany is the only modular platform in Australia. You can choose individual modules or include them all for greater impact. Some organisations start with workplace giving and later on, grow their program to include skilled and general volunteering as well as fundraising. GoodCompany lets you choose what will work best now, while keeping your options open to grow and evolve in the future, all within the one CSR platform.

Should my business invest in a staff volunteering program?

Implementing a volunteer leave program - allowing staff to take one day (or more) of paid annual volunteering leave - has a range of benefits.

General ‘hands on’ Volunteering provides an opportunity for employees to develop new skills, build on their strengths and collaborate with team mates in non-work settings.

Skilled Volunteering provides staff with leadership and development opportunities and lets them sharpen their professional skills. They showcase your brand, return with valuable learnings and develop a deeper connection to your business.

Volunteering boosts health and wellbeing outcomes for employees, positively impacts engagement and contributes to a corporate culture of giving back.

The community and commercial benefits of volunteering programs are numerous. Please get in touch with us on (03) 9595 6700 or ash@goodcompany.org to learn more.

How does GoodCompany handle staff donations and charity disbursements?

GoodCompany processes all donations and disbursements to charities in the month following receipt of transferred funds from our corporate partner.

Can we process donations through credit card instead of via payroll deductions?

Yes! Donations though GoodCompany can be via credit card or pre-tax through payroll. You choose!

Which payroll systems integrate into GoodCompany?

All payroll systems can integrate with the GoodCompany platform.

What is required of my payroll team?

To set up pre-tax payroll giving we’d like to meet with members of your payroll team to discuss how we can best ensure set up and ongoing procedures are streamlined to be most resource efficient.

Can I use GoodCompany to communicate with my teams?

Yes – we encourage the use of our Stories section to share experiences, communicate about volunteering and positive impact, and encourage others to participate.

How much does it cost to create a branded GoodCompany platform for my business?

Our costs are tailored depending on the number of employees you have and the level of support you require. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements on (03) 9595 6700.

Does GoodCompany ensure all charities included on the site are legal charity entities with DGR status?

Yes – every charity registered with GoodCompany complies with all relevant government requirements as a Deductable Gift Recipient.

Will employees details be shared with charities they choose to support or volunteer with?

Each donor and volunteer must elect whether or not their details are shared with the charities they support through choosing to tick a box or not. If this box is not ticked, their details will not be shared.

How can interest and participation in the program be maintained?

Creative campaigns should be run at intervals throughout the year to maintain momentum and excitement. We have a range of tips and resources to help grow interest and participation in your program.

How do we establish a successful Workplace Giving program?

GoodCompany works closely with our new business partners to assist them to brand, launch and maintain a Workplace Giving program that thrives. We share knowledge of best practice programs, and have a range of tips and resources to help launch and manage a program from inception and into the future.

Should our Workplace Giving program support a small number of charities or should the choice be broader?

GoodCompany believes, and studies from across the globe concur, that a successful Workplace Giving program should offer employees choice. The greater the choice of cause and charity, the more likely that business is to achieve its targeted employee participation rates. However, should an organisation wish to select a small number of charities to support, our platform can also support this.

How do we measure success and what are reasonable KPI’s for a Workplace Giving program?

The key to a successful Workplace Giving program is employee participation, and this is therefore our preferred metric in addition to funds raised or hours volunteered.

How do we measure social return on investment?

GoodCompany has a range of tools to measure impact and SROI. When volunteering, we ask charities to place a value on each role so that we can calculate the savings to the charity. In addition to funds raised, when measuring the impact of donations, GoodCompany can provide analysis and quantify the types of gifts given to each charity.


What does it cost to place a volunteer role on GoodCompany?

It costs nothing to place a volunteering role on GoodCompany.

What does it cost to sign up for donations on GoodCompany?

It costs $330 including GST per annum to register for donations on GoodCompany.

Why should my charity register for online donations with GoodCompany?

GoodCompany connects charities with new donors from the community as well as business employees. They can donate via credit card or by setting up a regular workplace giving deduction. Corporate donors often have their donations matched by their employers so you get double the money. In addition to workplace giving, many of our corporate partners run numerous fundraisers throughout the year to support charities. Their staff as well as friends and family members donate, and funds are often matched.

When and how does my charity receive any money donated via GoodCompany?

Donations are remitted to charities on a monthly basis. The transfers are separated into two deposits: workplace giving and non-workplace giving.

Do we need to provide tax-deductible receipts to donors?

No – we take care of this for you and issue all tax-deductible receipts to eligible donors.

I don’t have DGR status – can I still join GoodCompany?

Unfortunately not. To post volunteering role and register to receive donations a charity must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1. You can check to see if a charity is DGR Item 1 by searching here.

I’ve joined GoodCompany but have not yet received any donations. What can I do about this?

It’s critical to set up dollar handles, or directed gifts, that tell donors what projects they will be supporting with their donation. We recommend setting up a number of gifts at a number of different price points to attract different types of people. Please feel free to give us a call on (03) 9595 6700 to discuss how you can improve your profile and attract more donors.

What is the best practice pricing for Directed Gifts and Projects?

Directed gifts are one of the best ways to engage with donors. Instead of having donors contribute to a general fund directly to the charity, a directed gift or fund allows you to show exactly what the donation will go towards – whether it is a specific product or service that you provide to do the great work that you do.

When thinking about creating directed gifts you need to consider the following things

- A compelling gift that links directly to what you are trying to achieve

- Clear imagery and titles to grab the attention of potential donors

- A clear description of the item or service, the benefit it delivers, how it is used, how many are used throughout the year and how it helps your charity achieve its mission

- The price of the directed gifts is really important. We would recommend that any charity has a range of directed gifts that cover all prices. Think about the different types of ways people can give – one off giving, regular giving via credit card or payroll giving and then one-off special giving, such as gift registries. A range of price points, starting fro $5 up to $50 or $100 is recommended.

How do I update my charity summary page?

1. Log in to your charity profile, and click on the edit account button in the top right hand corner

2. You will be able to update all aspects of your charity information that was used at registration, including your charity description.

3. Once you click save, your changes will be reviewed by the team at GoodCompany to ensure that they are accurate and fit within our guidelines. This takes up to 3 business days.

How do I upload a youtube clip?

1. Log in to your charity profile, and click on the edit account button in the top right hand corner

2. You will be able to update all aspects of your charity information that was used at registration, including your charity description.

3. In the field labelled “YouTube” you can paste the unique code from a video hosted on youtube to your charity profile. This is a great way to give potential donors and volunteers even more information, insight and motivation to support your cause.

4. To find this cause, just visit the youtube video you want to embed at www.youtube.com . In the URL of the video you want to embed you will see a string of characters after an equals sign. This is the unique code. Copy just this string of text.

5. Paste the above string of text into the Youtube field in the charity registration page.

6. Once you click save, your changes will be reviewed by the team at GoodCompany to ensure that they are accurate and fit within our guidelines. This takes up to 3 business days.

How do I set up a charity fundraising page?

1. Log in to your charity profile, and click on the fundraising link on the left-hand menu.

2. Click “add a fundraising page”

3. Select “create a new fundraising page”

4. Select the type of page you want to create:

a. If you want to create a fundraising page for an activity that you are hosting, and you want people to donate directly to that activity select “only our fundraising page”

b. If you want to create a parent event so that others can host their own fundraising event, with all funds going to the charity, select “allow donors to create sub-fundraising pages”

5. Each fundraising page is made up of 5 components

a. A fundraising page title:

Hint: Make the title compelling and eye-catching enough that it will immediately make people want to donate to support your efforts.

b. A header image:

Hint: To make the best use of the space , the image has to be in landscape format with an aspect ratio of 940px and 270 px and a file size of no greater .5 MB. If you have issues with the size of the image you can resize it using a number of photo editing tools, including online tools.

c. The event date

d. A description:

Hint: Make your description informative – outline what you are fundraising for, why this cause is important to you, some more about the charity you are fundraising for and what great work they do. Talk about what activity that you are completing, and what work are you doing to prepare for this, and other ways that donors can get involved ?

e. Target amount:

Hint: If you are creating an event where donors can create their own fundraising pages they’ll be able to set their own individual fundraising target.

6. When happy with the page, click save. It will now be visible to potential donors. You can copy the link and share it via social media, email or other methods to help attract potential donors.

Can we connect and communicate with donors directly?

A donor has the option to share their details with you. If they opt to share, you’ll be able to communicate with them directly. If not, privacy legislation prevents us from passing on their details.

What is a Wish List?

We provide a free Wish List to all charities who have registered for donations. It includes your company summary as well as your dollar handles. It’s themed for Christmas as well as End of Financial Year and you can easily send it to external contacts / your own database to campaign for more support during these two times of year.


How do I update or delete my workplace giving basket

To ensure our donors are in control of their donations, GoodCompany does not alter baskets.

To change or delete your workplace giving preferences, please login to your platform and click the ‘workplace giving’ folder on the left hand side menu. You can then edit your Workplace Giving basket. Please remember to click the 'submit' button.

How much of my donation is passed on to the charity I choose?

100% of your donation is passed on to charity.

The GoodCompany / Karma Currency Foundation, a registered not-for-profit, connects people with charities and causes close to their hearts. We believe in transparency and, unlike some other organisations, pass on 100% of your donation to charity.

Donors must also pay a credit card fee, 100% of which goes directly to our payment provider.

In addition, you can choose to make a donation to GoodCompany / Karma Currency Foundation. It will help us to continue supporting thousands of charities who make the world a better place. This is totally optional. We thank you with all our heart if you choose to chip in a little towards supporting us.

Why should I donate on GoodCompany instead of going to the designated charity website?

Giving through GoodCompany allows you to track all the different types of giving that you do to all the different charities in one place. It means it’s easier to manage all the different volunteering opportunities, donation receipts and updates about the causes you want to support.

How long does it take for the charity to receive my donation?

All Workplace giving donations will be paid to monthly to the charity and all other donations will be paid on a quarterly basis.

What fees do you charge when I donate to a fundraising page, charity or project?

We charge credit card fees of 1% plus 10 cents for VISA and MASTERCARD or 2% plus 10 cents for AMEX. These fees ensure that 100% of your chosen amount reaches the charity in full.

For example: If you choose to donate $100 using a VISA card, you will be charged $101.10.

With such minuscule fees, how we do keep this site going?

Well, it’s all thanks to any additional donation you may choose to make today to The Karma Currency Foundation a non-profit Public Fund that manages this website. With an optional donation of a few extra dollars we can continue to connect 1000’s of charities with 1000’s of volunteers and donors.

Thank you for your support.

Can I donate goods instead of money?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to donate goods through GoodCompany.

How can I track how much money I've donated?

Goodcompany keeps a history of your donations. Simply click on your name in the top right hand corner and ‘Donations History’ will then be in the left hand navigation panel.

Is there a minimum or maximum donation amount?

The minimum donation is $2.00 and there is no maximum amount.

Is my donation anonymous?

Your donation is anonymous unless you have chosen to ‘opt in’ to communications from the charity.

To approve the charity having access to your details, you need to:

Login to your account
Click on edit account
Select the check box which says ‘allow charities to view my details’ in the bottom left corner
Ensure you have selected ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’
Click ‘save’

Why should I donate?

Here are some reasons to donate via Goodcompany:

100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity. We charge no admin fees, only mandatory bank credit-card processing fees.
Donations can be sent as a gift via email or print out to family and friends, staff and stakeholders.
Flexibility and choice – there are more than 300 charities and over 1000 projects which you can choose to support.

How should I choose a charity to donate to?

There are hundreds of worthwhile charities and projects on Goodcompany. Your decision to support one charity over another is usually based on your interest in the cause. Some useful questions to ask yourself include:

What am I passionate about?
What do I feel most strongly about?
What is the problem I’d like to fix?
Who are the people I want to help?

I am involved with a charity and would like to include them on the website. What is the process?

Charities must meet certain criteria to join the program example in Australia charities would need a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status .

You can check to see if a charity has DGR Item 1 by doing a search here if your charity is in Australia. If you are in New Zealand you will need to ensure you have Donee status.

There is an annual membership fee of $330 AUD (ex GST) to register with the Karma Currency Foundation in Australia and $345 NZD.

What is a Charity Gift Registry?

A Charity Gift Registry works in the same way any other gift registry works, however, instead of selecting a toaster or vase, you select which charity or charities will benefit from the generosity of your loved ones. Some people set up a registry for their wedding, an anniversary or any celebration where you anticipate people will spend money on ‘stuff’ and you’d rather they help the world instead.

What is a Charity Gift Card?

Charity Gift Cards, also called Charity Gift Vouchers, is a perfect way to celebrate someone you love on a special occasion, without buying them a vase or a photo frame. Because who really needs another photo frame when there are so many important charities and causes that need urgent support.

Don't know which causes your friend / family member may care about? No worries. A Charity Gift Card lets them choose which charity to benefit from your donation.

The way it works is simple…

1. You choose the amount your wish to donate (all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible).
Write a personalized message and pick the delivery method (email, print or post).

2. Your lucky gift recipient gets to chooses which charities and projects will benefit from your donation amount.
By entering their Redemption Code (found on the card) on GoodCompany, they get to choose from 100s of charities and 1000s of ethical projects (mosquito nets, animal rescues, hot meals for the homeless and more).

3. Charities receive the funds and put the donation to work to make the world a better place
We allocate funds quarterly and pass on the full face value of the donation.

100% meaningful – 100% empowering – 100% ethical – 100% good karma

Perfect for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. A Charity Gift Card is the gift that keeps on giving.

Do Charity Gift Cards expire?

Charity Gift Cards / Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue which is displayed on the voucher. If all or part of the amount shown on this voucher has not been redeemed within 12 months of the date of issue, then 50% of amount that has not been redeemed will go to the “default charity” as selected by the donor, with the other 50% of the donation vesting with the Karma Currency Foundation to help us continue our goal of raising funds and attracting volunteers for our charity partners.

How long does it take for a Charity Gift Card to be delivered ?

If you have selected email or print out, the delivery is instantaneous. If you choose Post as the delivery method of the Charity Gift Voucher we will dispatch within 7 days of the order being processed to any address within Australia. Please ensure that the address details are correct. You also need to account for the delivery time via Australia Post which can vary between 3-7 days.

My gift recipient deleted the email containing their Charity Gift Card, how can I resend it?

Simply log in to your account and re-send it.

We will not replace a Charity Gift Card if it is lost or stolen. However if due to technical malfunctions a voucher is not able to be redeemed we will replace this voucher with another voucher for the same amount.

What if the person to whom I am sending a Charity Gift Card does not have Internet access?

At this time, redemptions can only be done online. If you are sending a Charity Gift Card to someone who doesn’t use the Internet, you may suggest a friend or relative that can assist them with their donation. Or perhaps they can get online at a public library.

Who qualifies for a tax deduction for a Charity Gift Card, the giver or the recipient?

Only the giver qualifies for a tax deduction.The Recipient will not be entitled to claim a tax deduction by redeeming their Charity Gift Voucher.

However, if the Recipient wishes to make a donation to participating charities that exceeds the amount of the Charity Gift Voucher, then the Recipient must pay the balance with a credit card. In this case, the Recipient will be entitled to a tax deduction for that additional amount (provided the additional amount is $2 or more) and Karma Currency will provide a receipt to the Recipient.

I've lost my tax receipt(s). How can I be reissued my tax receipts?

Your receipt will be emailed to you immediately upon the successful credit card payment plus you will have the further option of printing out your receipt from the site. If you find you have not received your tax receipt please check your junk mail inbox as your spam filter may have incorrectly categorized the email. However, if you have lost your receipt please contact us and we will reissue another.


Can I apply as a team?

Yes in many cases you can definitely sign up as a team. Each volunteer opportunity shows the maximum team size the charity can accept.

The charity will specify on each role if they require individual applications from each volunteer.

Why should I volunteer?

There are many reasons to volunteer:

Volunteering provides an opportunity to make a difference in your local community and it can be an extremely rewarding experience.
Volunteering offers new ways to develop your skills and increase your experience. For example research shows that volunteering can help with developing communication skills and improving an individual’s ability to adapt to different environments and balance competing priorities.
Importantly, volunteering can contribute to your overall wellbeing and helps to instill an attitude of care and responsibility for the wider community.
Volunteering brings all walks of life together and no matter your personality, interests, or background, you’re bound to make new friends.
Please consider:

Your skill level: Goodcompany is targeted at professionals who have a University degree and/or several years work experience. Undergraduate students should not be applying for volunteer projects unless the professional level specified is appropriate.
While it’s important not to apply for projects above your skill level, people have a tendency to undervalue their skills. When you take a moment to think about it, you may be surprised to think of all the skills you have acquired working as a professional. Your core skills may include leadership, mentoring, public speaking, training, project management and communications. For example, if you have good written communication skills, you don’t necessarily have to work in the media unit to apply for a volunteer project looking for a writer or editor.
Your volunteer project application: We recommend you include a brief summary of your work experience to help the charity make their decision. You can also include a Personal Summary as part of the application to the charity
One application at a time: Whilst you can apply for more than one volunteer project at a time, we recommend you allow reasonable time for the charity to review and reply to your application (unless you have lots of time to volunteer!) as the chances of the charity wanting to meet you and discuss the project are very high.
Your commitment: Once you meet with your charity and you agree to fulfill the volunteer project, there is an understanding that you will do your best to complete the project. If your circumstances change and you are unable to fulfill the volunteer project, please let the charity know asap . An unsuccessful volunteer project costs a charity valuable time and resources.

What types of volunteering are there?

Goodcompany helps to match your skills and interests to hundreds of volunteer opportunities across more than 1,000 charities. The website includes both skilled and ‘hands on’ volunteering for individuals and teams.

Skilled volunteering puts your skills and talents to work for the benefit of the community. Examples include IT, design, project management, public relations, administration, event management, legal, governance or even advising on a Board. ‘Hands on’ volunteering includes roles like land clearing and regeneration, tree planting, maintenance and working bees.

Please use the drop down menu or the Search functionality to find your perfect role.

How do I apply for a volunteer opportunity?

1) Select ‘Volunteer’ from the homepage or on the right hand side of the navigation bar.

2)Under ‘Find volunteer opportunities’ make your selections – select your skill, location, availability and suitable for

3)Select an opportunity that appeals to you and click ‘view’

4)Click ‘volunteer’ at the end of the description

5)Fill in the details on the application page and click ‘apply as volunteer’

6)Your application will be sent to the charity who will respond to you directly

Are there any special requirements for volunteering?

In some cases, all staff, both paid and volunteer, are asked to undergo a Police Check or Working with Children check. Training and skill requirements vary amongst organisations. Some positions require little formal training or specialist skills, whilst others have greater requirements.

How much time do I have to commit to the project?

All volunteer projects vary in length. Some will require only several hours of your time, others may involve several hours over weeks or months and some may involve an ongoing commitment such as joining the board or committee of a not-for-profit. Each volunteer opportunity on the site includes some information about the time commitment.

How can I track how much time I've given?

You track the volunteer opportunities you’ve applied for and how much time you’ve volunteered, by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner on Goodcompany, and then clicking on ‘volunteering’ on the left hand side.

When you have finished a volunteer role, you will be prompted to give feedback as a part of the process. On this feedback form you will be asked to enter the amount of hours you spent volunteering. When you submit your feedback form your hours will be added to your total hours.

Do I need to pay to apply for a volunteering role?

No, there is no cost to apply for a volunteering role through GoodCompany. There may be some costs associated that the charity has related to the volunteering role that they may ask for a small donation to offset, but this is not handled by GoodCompany.

Who can volunteer via GoodCompany?

If you are volunteering in your own time, you are welcome to select any skilled or hands-on roles from the GoodCompany site.

If you are volunteering as part of a corporate volunteering program, your company needs to be partnered with GoodCompany in order for you to apply.

If you would like your company to partner with us to deliver your staff the broadest range of volunteering opportunities in the nation, please call us on (03) 9595 6700 or email support@goodcompany.org

This is my first time skilled volunteering, what is it?

Skilled volunteering, unlike ‘hands-on’ volunteering, puts the skills and talents of the professional to work for the benefit of the charity. Goodcompany matches volunteer roles across a variety of skill categories including Project Management, HR/Health, Media/PR, General Admin, Event Management, Marketing, Education/Training, Accounting/Finance, Legal/Governance, Strategy/Mentoring/Board, Risk and Web/IT.

Where can I volunteer?

There are many areas in which you can volunteer, primarily based on where our charity partners need you to be! You can work indoors, outdoors, one on one or with groups, day-time, evenings or weekends, weekly, monthly or just occasionally when you have some spare time and you want to contribute to the community in a meaningful way. Some roles can even been completed remotely - you won't even have to leave home

What happens after you have applied for a volunteer position?

Once the charity reviews your application, you will be sent an email advising if you have been shortlisted for the volunteer role or not. You can login and view the status of your application at any time. The charity will then make contact with all shortlisted applicants to discuss your fit with and availability for, the role. This is so people can find out more about the volunteer job and the organisation can find the right volunteer for the job. In the interview you should be ready to answer questions about your previous work experience, both paid and voluntary, discuss your skills and qualifications and provide the names of referees.
Some tips to help you start fulfilling the volunteer project:

We recommend you discuss and agree on:
1)Clear objectives, timeframe & the deliverables
2)Mutual obligations
3)Level of support and involvement the charity can offer
4)Engage in a project you are interested in and will enjoy
5)Be honest on your capacity to deliver, on your strengths and weaknesses
If you have a tip that you would like to share with us, please contact us here

My volunteering project finished. Can I get involved in another?

Definitely. Please review our listed projects and apply for one that interest you

What happens if I can't fulfil my volunteer commitment?

When you first meet with the community group, be open and honest about your level of commitment (taking into account your professional and personal commitments). If you think that it’s too much of a commitment then you are entitled to withdraw at this stage. However, once you agree to proceed with the project, the community group will be relying on you and it costs them time and money if you pull out of the project.

If you need to withdraw once the project is already underway, ask your colleagues if they are interested in helping out and talk to Goodcompany to see if they can help find someone else. The most important thing is to communicate with the community group and/or GoodCompany about your situation.

An unsuccessful/incomplete volunteer project costs the charity valuable time and resources.

When volunteering am I covered by insurance?

It is important to ask an organisation if they have insurance to cover you in the case of accident or injury as Volunteers are not paid employees and are therefore not covered by WorkCover. You should ask the organisation if they have both Public Liability (the policy must mention Volunteers) and personal accident insurance for volunteers.

What if the project turns out to be different to what I thought and I don't have the right skills?

It’s important to communicate with the charity if you think you don’t have the right skills. This may occur when you (and the community group) find out more about the project requirements. If you don’t have the right skills, you might want to work together with the charity to re-scope the project. This is still very helpful. You may also be able to identify a colleague or friend with the right skills, or ask GoodCompany to help the charity to find a volunteer with the right skills.

Will I get feedback about my contribution after a volunteering project?

GoodCompany encourages all our charities to provide you with feedback at the end of the project. At the conclusion of the project, GoodCompany will also ask you and the charity to complete a detailed report about your experience. This is your chance to provide us with feedback about the volunteering experience.

I've applied for a volunteer opportunity but haven't received a response. What should I do?

Please contact GoodCompany if you have not heard back from the community group within two weeks of applying. It is possible the contact person is away or otherwise unable to check their emails. Contact GoodCompany here.

I am involved with a charity and would like to advertise a volunteer opportunity on the website. What is the process?

All charities positing volunteer opportunities must be registered with GoodCompany. Please direct the charity to first register with us. It's then free to post volunteering roles.

Can I volunteer overseas?

GoodCompany manages opportunities to volunteer in Australia and New Zealand.

Will you protect my privacy?

Yes. You will not receive any communication from Goodcompany, Karma Currency or your chosen charities unless you have given your consent.

Personal information will only be used for administering this program and it will not be shared with any third parties unless you have given your express consent.

If you would like to receive communication from your selected charities, please follow these steps:

1)Login to Goodcompany
2)Go to your account by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner
3)Select the check box which says 'allow charities to view my details'
4)Ensure you have selected 'I agree to the terms and conditions'
5)Click 'save'


What is a Fundraising Page?

A fundraising page is a special webpage with a URL that you can use to support a charity or cause. It's just like an online collection tin, except your colleagues can donate with their pre-tax pay.

You can support or start a fundraiser for any charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 status.

Ask your friends, family, team or colleagues to sponsor you by simply sharing the link to your page.

Anyone who makes a donation to your fundraiser can also leave a message of support.

How do I set up a Fundraising Page?

Log into your account or register on Karma Currency. Click on the link in the Left sidebar to start a Fundraising page.
1. Enter a title for your event and a description of why you are fundraising.
2. Link it to your Selected Charity.
3. Upload an appropriate low resolution image for the fundraising page or the logo for the charity, please make sure that you tick the box that you have permission to use the image.
4. Enter your target for fundraising
5. Save the page
6. Most importantly SHARE THE LINK for the Fundraising page with all your contacts via email, blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumbler and all social media. Print a copy of the page to add to your noticeboard at work.

What do I use a Fundraising Page for?

You can customise a fundraising page if you have an event or project where you wish to direct funds to your favourite charity.

Who can I fundraise for?

The charity you fundraise for must be registered on GoodCompany and have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 status. Once they're registered, you're ready to fundraise!

For example you could participate and fundraise for events like the Melbourne Marathon, Movember or the Sun Herald City2Surf.

Alternatively, you are welcome to set up your own unique event or challenge and raise money for charity while you’re doing it!

The fundraising pages also have lots of ideas on how to fundraise and templates, such as posters, you can use to raise awareness of your event amongst friends, family and colleagues.

Can anyone donate to my Fundraising Page?

Yes, they can access your fundraising page via the Karma Currency website www.karmacurrency.com.au or via a direct URL link if you have provided it to them. They will be able to donate via a Credit Card payment.


How can I be sure that the charity I'm giving to is legit?

Karma Currency Foundation undertakes due diligence for each charity listed on the GoodCompany site including their Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity status. It’s always a good idea to research your charities to ensure that you are comfortable with how they spend the funds.

Does GoodCompany pass on my personal details to any other parties?

GoodCompany will not disclose your personal information to third parties except:

to Karma Currency, other charities or not for profit organisations if necessary to process a donation, receipt or volunteering role;
to your employer if you are participating in a workplace giving program;
to third parties appointed by GoodCompany which assist GoodCompany to perform services (in which case GoodCompany requires these contractors to keep that personal information confidential and not to use or disclose it for any purpose other than the purpose of performing those services);
to facilitate your donations, gift vouchers and fundraising activities; or
where GoodCompany is required or authorised by law, regulation, legal process or government request, for example to law enforcement agencies; or
otherwise with your consent.

Where is my information stored?

Your personal information is stored on servers located in Australia and is used for the purposes of the GoodCompany site only.

We do not store credit card details.